People in life have the future they are targeting. The kind of life one seeks is different from one another. The paths such as career professionalism chosen are different. In life, no one solely can achieve a certain level of life without the help of others. One needs each other to succeed in life. A person needs advice, life lessons, necessary inspirations, motivation, guidance, counselling, and instructions. The saying ‘no man is an island’ shows that from the birthday -in each developmental stage- a person needs others to grow and develop.

The best kind of people that a person needs are mentors. You may ask yourself who is a mentor? Why do you need mentors in your life? The question is answered after understanding what they do. Mentor serves as a wise and trusted teacher, guide, counsellor and friend. Mentor assists mentee to attain a certain level of success. Isaac Newton said, “If I have ever seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton’s words support the role of mentors towards mentees to leverage their peaks of success.

A mentor serves as a mirror for you. He can show you who you are and all you can become. A mentor is happy with your success; a mentor cannot go against your good performance; a mentor is ready to help you find life direction. Always, a mentor is willing to offer you the great part of his/her time to see you succeeding and mentor believes in you when no one else can. A mentor is a friend.

Today, CEOs and people in person have started to relish the role of mentors in their daily performance by employing the different types of mentorship. Some people might think they are enough that they don’t need mentorship. However, life is all about learning through others’ and own experiences. There are various benefits of having a mentor. Below you will find some discussed reasons showing why you should learn and seek mentorship.

Mentors elevate your thinking: through challenging you to think better before doing something, mentor introduces you to different situations to induce your higher thinking capabilities. It is through thinking that you learn to make the best decision of your choice. It is through thinking that philosophical analysis develops. It is through thinking that the first action plan is prepared. Higher-order thinking must overpower mindset. A mentor is a good thinking elevator if you have got the best one.
A mentor can help you to feel comfortable with who you are and appreciate your gifts at the same time exposing you to new modes of thinking.

  • Mentors provide insight: when you fall in the roundabout of choices as a mentee, mentor use their personal experiences to help you avoid mistakes and learn from good decisions.
  • Mentors calibrate your goals: mentors give time and full attention to their mentees that they can help them to fine-tune their goals. They are available at any time to help. They also give insights on task, and setting goals and priorities.
  • Mentors listen, construct, and guide their mentees: they are there to help their mentees identify their life directions. Mentors help the mentees to follow the right paths to reach the vision. When necessary, mentors point out areas that need improvement, always focusing on the mentee’s behaviour, never his/her character.
  • To make an effective career choice and professionalism, the mentor plays a great role in making the right choice. In the adolescence, the person has various wondering thoughts on what could be the right choice to meet a future career. A mentor shares experiences and directs the adolescent focusing on his/her talents. Career professionalism requires experiences gained from a longtime performance. The guidance given by the mentor helps to be a good career professional.

A mentor in our daily life is obviously needed. What makes a mentor “a Mentor” is not that they are perfect or always know exactly what to say, but rather that they are able to form a strong connection with their mentee. This connection can serve as a catalyst for positive change and growth.

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