There are subjects which are not easily approached without solid strategies. The most feared subjects include; mathematics and science subjects like Physics, Biology and Chemistry.  The most students like using the same methods in studying Mathematics and those sciences subjects. However, it is really important to have methods that work specifically for your math classes. 

Once you finish any assignment make sure you mark any question by either cycling or highlighting it if you understand how to get the answer or how to get to your approach or if you’ve got the wrong answer after checking your work. If you do this you will definitely be able to ask your teacher about this error and you’ll be able to understand why you got it wrong. It is really bad Idea to ignore the problems you’ve gotten wrong as you do homework and just kind move on because those mistakes could be the very mistakes that you make on a test or a quiz.

It is pretty awesome tho make sure you keep track on any formulas and properties you need to remember for a unit especially if you’re going to have a test on it. Some students overlook the formulas and properties while practicing,finally it affects their performance during the test. 

It is really helpful to use flashcards or or mini summary fold-able just you can keep your memory fresh. If certain formula is giving a hard time, don’t aim at memorizing it, instead aim to understand the formula itself. If you can really put the formulas in your own terms you’ll be able to remember them better later.

Try practicing math problems and solve them by yourself. Try finding the different resources like the math books and try searching from google, that might help you to get the helpful exercises. Those exercise are helpful once they contain the answers to consult during practice check up. 

Practice maths as much as you can because Math is a skill is, it is not something you inherently know. It requires much practice as the saying ” Practice makes it perfect.”  The auditory learners go for YouTube to search the content they have not well understood. follow the different teachers as they demonstrate the problems and go through to solidify the concept.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are doing it, make sure you do it in the right way. especially when you are asking help from a busy teacher. Be specific, and make sure you attempted to solve the problem at least once or twice on your own. If you do the question more than once you should catch up the mistake you’ve made for the first time you tried it. If you fail all the time, and you still really don’t understand the problem, definitely, ask for help. The teacher is always willing to give a hand in order you understand the concept. Teachers are more willing to help the students. 

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