The following are the top world University Rankings 2021, Based on the institutions performance across four areas such as Teaching, Research, Knowledge transfer and international outlook. University, institution of higher education, usually comprising a college liberal arts and sciences; graduate and professional schools; and having the authority to confer degrees in various fields of study. (Enyclopedia Blitanica, 2020)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Today University offers different professionalism, this is the fact that the universities are likely to be competing among themselves through the academic services they provide. Different people like studying in the most prestigious universities because they are believe that those University produce the best world class career professionals.

The top 10 Ranked Universities According to The World Univrersity Ranking 2020 the United Kingdom Universities and United States Universities are well Represented countries compared to the rest of other nations.

The Top 10 most ranked Universities in the world
1. University of Oxford
2. Stanford University  ( United Kingdom) 
3. Harvard University (United States)
4. California Institute of Technology (United States)
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)
6. University of Cambridge ( United Kingdom) 
7. University of California, Berkeley (United States)
8. Yale University (United States)
9. University of Chicago (United States)
10. Imperial College London ( United Kingdom) 
The list of how the University around the world are ranked can be seen by Click here to view the position of your university in your country. 

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