THE Lower(Ordinary) Secondary Level textbooks of all Subject(S1-S3)


Physical Education and Sport

S1 : Mathematics Demo

S1: Physics

Senior one Materials

S1: French

S1: History and Citizenship

S1: English

S1: Agriculture

S1: Religion and Ethics

S1: Mathematics

S1: Home Science

S1: Literature in English

S1: Fine Art and Crafts

S1: Entrepreneurship

S1: Chemistry

S1: Music, Dance and Drama

S1: Kiswahili

S1: Kinyarwanda

S1: Biology

S1: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

S1: Geography and Environment

Senior Two:

S2: Kinyarwanda

S2: History

S2: Religion & Ethics

S2: Physical Education and Sports

Senior two materials

S2: French

S2: Physics

s2: Biology

S2 Religion and Ethics

S2 : Chemistry

S2: Kiswahili

s2: Literature in English

S2: Entrepreneurship

s2: Fine art and crafts


s2: Home science

S2: Information and Communication Technology

S2: Music Dance and Drama

S2: Mathematics

S2 : Agriculture

s2: Geography


Fine Art and Crafts


S3: Literature in english

s3: Physics

s3: Geography

S3: Music

s3 Physical Education TG

S3: Kinyarwanda

s3: French

s3: Mathematics

s3: Information and communication Technology

s3 : Religion and Ethics

s3: Agriculture

s3: Entrepreneurship

s3: English

s3 : Biology

s3: Chemistry

S3 : History

S3:Home Science


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