Having the thought to advance towards a better life for a normal person is doubtless. Taking action to start chasing your vision is one and important step to the better life you seek. Keeping yourself on the track requires more energy and strength; being healthy and emotional stable.

What is rejection? Shut-in or ready to move on?

Emotional stability is what can help you to deal with what is rejection on the track. The rejection is not being accepted, refusal to acknowledge someone, the rule out or the disapproval of someone from something. Have you ever been rejected?

There are two types of rejection: rejection based love, and rejection based work. The love rejection happens when the person you love, be it your mother or father; son or daughter; boy or girl does not approve your love commitment towards him/her that he/she can love you back. This affects the emotional attitude much more. The rejected person develops bad attitudes towards love relationship.

Sometimes when a person faces such type of rejection, loses self-control, self-confidence, skip meals for girls and boys. They make an abrupt decision of not loving again and most of the time a person fails to move on and start over. They live some days without meeting the love need, fearing that they can be rejected again. They find it hard to express their feelings. They hardly trust people who have feelings for them. They inhibit the love that they cannot get hurt again, though it is wrong. Loving again is one way to heal the broken, and hurt heart. Having someone to share your feelings does not cost money but love. Depriving yourself of loving again is what hurt more than loving again.

Another type of rejection is work rejection. In a company, an employee might come up with different ideas to develop the company. He/she might bring up the innovation and creativity to increase sales. Once he/she proposes them in a meeting, the employer may disapprove the ideas to be performed in the company.

The employee may feel rejected because boss denied his/her contribution. On another hand, you might be promoting your brand to different people and at different market places. Your product may be turned down. At this point, you may feel rejection. This is called work rejection. Work rejection is when your ideas, performance in the company, or your product at the market places are precluded.

Getting what to do when facing love and work rejection is not easy. Generally, you must develop an attitude of positive thoughts. Instead of thinking rejection as deception, think of it as a blessing to clear the cloud of expectations in your way. All the things we plan are not always attained the way we want them to be.

The motivational talks always tell us to keep trying despite the uncertainties. But it is better to plan what to do when things are not going in our way.

It is more beneficial to have the thought that the person you propose may not say yes. Your boss may once ask you to resign from the job because of your ideas. Your sponsor who pays your school fees may change his or her mind and refuses to pay the fees again. Your innovative and creative ideas may not be appreciated in the company. The people whom you want to be your friends may refuse to accept and acknowledge you. The people who surround you may not accept your business startup. The person you call your father may deny your relationship. The mother who carried her baby nine months may abandon it after giving birth.

People who are in love tend to believe in impossibilities, where they think that nothing will break their love. When the day of break up comes, the broken hearts hardly heal. Generally, take rejection as something might happen when you want to prove your love commitment, or when you have an idea to increase the sales and rise the achievements. Therefore, learn to accept everything that might confront you in your track.

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