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#1. The process of transforming a used material in another form is known as

#2. A storage unit of computer is called ________

#3. The class of lever of a __________ is the Second Class Lever"

#4. The transfer of Pollen Grains from anthers to the stigma is called ____________

#5. The common sources of air pollutants are the following except

#6. ______________ are tools used by a blacksmith

#7. The consequence of SULFUR DIOXIDE in atmosphere is to

#8. An intersection of column and a row is called

#9. The consequence of SMOKE ND DUST is to __________________________

#10. ____________ is the introduction of pollutants in the environment

#11. The ______________ is a gaseous layer that protect us from harmful rays from the sun.

#12. Which from the list is not a domestic tool produced by a blacksmith


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