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#1. In the air , Carbon dioxide occupies

#2. The three protective clothes of a farmer are the following except

#3. The growing of crop and the keeping or rearing of animals is known as

#4. The moving mixture of many gases is called

#5. Which from the list is not the way of maintaining agricultural tools

#6. Which from the list is not a property of Air

#7. The substances which add nutrients to the soil are called ______________

#8. ____________________gas is used to put off fire, to produce soft drinks and in photosynthesis

#9. The chemicals which are used in agriculture are called

#10. ________________supports burning, is useful in respiration and importance in germination,

#11. In the Air, Oxygen occupies

#12. The nitrogen occupies _______ of the Air

#13. Which from the list is not a computer hardware

#14. Which from the list is not a kind or a category of farmer

#15. The moving air is called __________

#16. A material which can be touched or seen is called ____________

#17. A person who grow only crops is called ______________

#18. The following are the Agrochemicals except

#19. The gas that helps in Making fertilizers and Which prevents rapid burning is called____________

#20. Pesticide is an agrochemical used to kill ___________


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