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#1. The growing of crops and the keeping of animal is commonly known as________________

#2. An electronic machine used to input data and process them by after provide output result as information is know as_________

#3. Choose the correct property of air .

#4. The reflected sound is called__________________

#5. The process by which green plants make their own food is called _______________

#6. _____________ is a moving air

#7. Choose the correct property of air .

#8. ______________ is a work(moisten flour or clay) into dough or paste with hands

#9. Rare gases like Argon is useful in________________

#10. Which from the list is not the source of carbon monoxide ?

#11. ________________ is the increase of of atmospheric temperature on earth's surface

#12. Oxygen occupies ___________ in the air

#13. The following are the importance of wind in our daily life except

#14. Choose the correct property of air .

#15. The mixture of Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen ,Rare gases and other gases is called____________________

#16. The chemicals we use in agriculture are called _______________________

#17. The occupation of Nitrogen in air is __________

#18. These are the uses of Oxygen except

#19. The percentage of rare gases in the air is______

#20. The processed data is called _____________

#21. Nitrogen has the following importance except

#22. The following are the properties of carbon monoxide except

#23. These are the importance of Carbon dioxide except

#24. The tree types of sound are the following except

#25. Which from the list is not a type of wind?

#26. Anything we can see or touch is called _____________________

#27. The growing of seed into seedlings or young plant is commonly known as___________

#28. Choose the correct answer


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